About Krista King

Hi, I'm krista.

About Krista

The nerd behind all these magical math tricks and the tutor that walks you through every single Calculus Expert lesson.

I’ve always been kind of nerdy… when I was young, my dad would entertain me by writing out math problems on napkins for me to solve.

And rather than having this huge, insatiable love for math, the thing I loved was reverse-engineering the information available to solve a problem that seemed tough, but actually wasn’t.

In college, I majored in Psychology, but found myself translating the skills I used on those napkin problems to help me in Calculus.

For most students, college-level Calculus is a big deal. It’s hard to understand. And tons of students have to get extra help or retake it.

And while I personally enjoyed math, I hated hunting around in my textbook for missing information, or spending huge amounts of time solving problems that I knew should have been more straightforward.

I looked at what my professors were teaching, took out the confusing vocabulary, noticed patterns in how the problems were actually solved, and eliminated all the confusing theory.

And it worked. I passed with flying colors.

And when I finished, I worked as a tutor to help other students pass their math classes, too. I was surprised at how well the students I tutored performed on their tests compared to the rest of their class.

And even though I graduated with a Psychology degree, I still wanted to tutor. I started making some simple calculus videos for YouTube, and was floored at how much I could help people… and how many people I could help with just one video.

Watching my YouTube channel grow to thousands and thousands of subscribers gave me the idea to take my online tutoring to the next level.

So I started Calculus Expert, where I teach math students easier ways to think about and solve hard math problems, helping them pass their classes with good grades and graduate on time.

I also really wanted to start it because I noticed there wasn’t anything out there exactly like Calculus Expert.

There’s certainly plenty of virtual math tutors for hire, but most of them follow a traditional textbook method. And none of them offer you unlimited hours and subjects of tutoring for only $27 per month.

Krista working on math courses

What Calculus Expert helps people like you achieve

We get a lot of students telling us that hard math subjects FINALLY clicked for them after they watched our videos and read through our non-gibberish course notes.

I’m addicted to seeing people uncover those “Ah-ha!” moments, and we’ve made sure that every single lesson will deliver that same feeling of immense relief, giving you the easiest experience with math that you’ve ever had.

Yes, the easiest experience with math you’ve ever had.

(Except for maybe those subtraction “problems” you solved in Kindergarten by eating Skittles.)

Math is hard. That’s no kind of understatement.

So I teach you how to learn math in a non-math way your brain can actually handle.

I might not use the exact same wording as your professor, but I’m guessing you don’t care. (I’m also guessing that’s why you’re here in the first place.)

Inside of Calculus Expert, I teach you the techniques I learned for myself that made math easy for me. Everything’s still 100% technically correct and sound and will get you the right answer… it’s just an approach that looks at math from a non-number crunching perspective.


Here’s what our students say about Calculus Expert:

"I just wanted to pass calculus because I know it’s hard and it’s needed for engineering… I really appreciate how you never skip a step no matter how minor it is."

"Krista's the best, and she skips the BS in the exact way my professors will not."

"I wish you were my prof through applied linear algebra!"

"I never feel overwhelmed or bored with the courses. I’m learning at just the right pace."

"Thank you for following the calculus curriculum so closely. Your explanations are so much easier to understand than my textbook."

"It helped me turn around my calculus grade. I went from having a C in calculus 1 to A's in calculus 2 and 3, and I am also using the site to review concepts on geometry and algebra for the GRE."

"The PDF notes are AWESOME!"


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