math and pencils


So math... it can be kind of challenging at times can't it?


But you know what? It’s not a problem if you’re not head-over-heels in love with solving for x.


Really, it just means you’re in good company with at least 85%* of the rest of the population who also have a tough time with math.

*My own estimate—not based on official research. But let’s be honest, it’s probably 85% or more.


But it does become a problem when your annoyance with solving for x gets in the way of following your dreams.


Like when failing a math class means you won’t graduate on time. Or when math is so hard that you have to change majors. Or when you know you’ve got no chance at a decent GRE score to get into that grad school program you’ve been lusting after for years.


When things like that happen, it’s just not fair. We all deserve to achieve our dreams—math nerds or not.


It’s why I started working as a math tutor in college. And why, even though I graduated with a degree in psychology, I kept tutoring math via YouTube.


I loved helping students uncover those little “Ah-ha!” moments when math theories actually clicked for them enough to pass their tests, so I didn’t stop.


And while YouTube videos were a great first step towards helping lots of students at once, I knew I could help students uncover even more of those “Ah-ha!” moments with things like:

  • Formula cheat sheets that make math terms way less confusing
  • Notes that show you what’s essential to remember, what’s safe to forget, and slash study time significantly
  • Quizzes to make sure you “get it”
  • An open Q&A where I can answer questions when things don’t totally click


So I created