Get ready to pinch yourself, because math really can be this easy.


I’ve helped students who would inevitably fail squeeze by with a grade 10% higher than the one they needed to pass. And people who failed high school math get accepted at prestigious universities for degrees in mathematics.


I don’t say stuff like that to brag, just to be totally honest with the fact that math is possible to figure out, and even if you feel like you’re cursed in that area, there is still hope for you.


Even if you’re not a math whiz, math can still be easy for you.


Yes, even if you’re in a Calculus III class and everyone else in your class is failing miserably.


Whatever reason you’re taking math classes for—to become a scientist, doctor, or just complete the math requirements for your liberal arts degree—there’s one fact you can’t run away from: you’ve got to pass this class or change your major.


And if you change your major, you’ll also have to change your life plans.


Which is so not fair.